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What is the definition of EGGY? What is the meaning of EGGY? How do you use EGGY in a sentence? What are synonyms for EGGY?

‘A warm slice of this filling eggy potato dish was served with a blob of mayonnaise and a red pepper purée.’

‘The dish comes with a mellow bowl of eggy soup, and it’s just comfort in a bowl.’

‘His homemade zabaglione is eggy and sweet.’

‘The taste was good, not too eggy, and I rather enjoyed the caramelized pond of syrup surrounding the mound of cream, though I found the latter to be slightly too gelatinous in texture.’

‘The actual crêpes are quite good but depend on the crepe jockey – one night they are tender, golden and slightly eggy; another night they are too crispy.’

‘For example, some Spaniards believe that ‘Spanish omelette’ is better eggy than potatoey, and others beg to differ.’

‘They’re like these eggy, flaky, tube-shaped tea cookies, and they make more crumbs than any other cookie on the planet.’

‘The saddest thing is when I give in and have chocolate silk cake because it looks irresistible, but it turns out to be eggy and unchocolately and not even worth it.’

‘As soon as she had left, I was enveloped by a faintly sulphorous, eggy odour.’

‘Dip the chops first in the eggy mixture and then press them well in the cheese and bread crumbs before frying them in the hot oil.’

‘It brought together the dark, earthy flavor of beets – sweet and rich, with a welcome bitter edge – and the salty tang of feta, binding them in a smooth, eggy custard.’

‘I begin my solitude with a large breakfast in which are heavily represented numbers of eggy, fatty and greasy items that my wife does not normally consider essential to start the day.’

‘‘Wait your turn, these three were up first,’ said Kevin pointing an eggy wooden spoon at the table.’

‘I scooped up a spoonful: the soufflé was airy, eggy, and sweet, with a thin crust of sugar where it met the ramekin’s edge.’

‘Its eggy, lightly sweet base is a perfect catch-all for summer fruits, especially those of the soft, fleshy variety.’

‘The pastry chef’s version of bread pudding is a dense slab of faintly eggy brioche, served with a scoop of coconut sorbet.’

‘We ate eggy sandwiches and made our way back to the hostel.’

‘Among our tapas selections, the Spanish tortilla had none of the eggy allure this traditional potato omelet can exhibit.’

‘They were delicious, eggy and light, their sweet richness countered by the tartness of lemon.’

‘Caesar salad in a tart, eggy dressing also has its own idiosyncratic style.’

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