New Unique, Addictive & Fun “Egg-Shoot” from Heartmade Entertainments is Poised to be Chart Topper in 2015

Each year, a new game arrives from seemingly out of nowhere and ends up taking the mobile world by storm. In recent years, omnipresent apps like Angry Birds and Candy Crush earned this coveted distinction. And while 2015 is just underway, an early contender for what could ultimately wind up being hailed as the year’s most addictive and fun game is Heartmade Entertainments’ new release Egg-Shoot.

Like all celebrated games, Egg-Shoot is simple to understand, yet challenging to master. The gameplay works like this: users must keep their mobile device’s screen spotless by tapping eggs that are being launched at them by a horde of some of the most hysterical-looking hens in the history of graphic design.

The catch, however, is that users have no way of knowing which of the various pipes the eggs will launch from (there are five; one for each wacky hen), or the speed at which they’ll be hurled. As such, there’s no way for users to prepare or anticipate what’s ahead, and therefore they must rely on deft hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

Users who successfully tap five eggs are rewarded by another, more challenging level. However, users who allow their screen to be (virtually) splattered with egg yolk are forced to start over. Along the way, users can also pick up handy tools — like a squeegee — to help them succeed. There’s also a pause button for those who need a break in the action.

“While the app is fun and ridiculously addictive, what really helps make Egg-Shoot a joy to play are impressive sound effects and especially graphics; both of which are at a much higher standard than most arcade-style apps that tend to cut corners on both,” commented Davoud Safdarian of Heartmade Entertainments. “And the sheer craziness of our illustrated hens has to be seen to be fully appreciated. It’s virtually impossible to look at them without laughing!”

Egg-Shoot, the unique, addictive and fun game that is poised to be a chart topper in 2015, is available now from the App Store at, and from Google Play at[1][2]

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